Our Case Studies

Personal Budgeting and Forecasting

The client intends to develop an online budget balancing system or money management system that creates financial order for household not having enough knowledge about Finance and personal accounting tools such as Quick-Books or Excel worksheets.

Expense Transaction Tracking

The application has been developed to manage expense transactions and account them along with individual ledger accounts maintained for the respective entities. The application was developed to support the back office activities of company, in the business of real estate. However the experience is applicable in several other business operations.

Sales Transaction Processing Application

The application has evolved over several years and is one of the preferred solution for Inventory Management and CRM. The client deployed the services of STPL to add additional transactions in the inventory module and integrate the application with the CRM.

Product Catalog and Order Tracking

The application has been developed to provide an Electronic Catalog with a difference. The application required high quality graphics to be managed and rendering had to be made available to specific users based on their geographical locations. A robust Content Management System was built for this application to ensure easy access and update.

Accessibility Compatibility Websites

STPLs services were engaged in testing the compatibility of accessibility of application for physically challenged people section 504, 508

Real Estate Back Office Ledger

The application has been visualized to provide transaction tracking back office support for a typical Real Estate company having a group of Real Estate Agents sharing the business with the group company.

Real Estate Property Search Engine

The project focused on building a unified portal where a visitor can search for a property, listed on any of the other real estate portal, initially in the US and then finally globally. The application maintains live data feed from increasing number of Real Estate property information provider. The application is also envisaged to build a social network of various stake holders involved in the business of Real Estate.

Title Settlement and Escrow Buyer

The application has been developed for a large nationwide client. The company is involved in the business of Title, Settlement and Escrow services for its client. The services are sold through company’s sales network and require tracking management and control. This application works on top of the transaction data base. A real time dash board is provided to the supervisors at different hierarchical levels in the organization, presenting them the data belonging to the domain they manage.

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