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Real Estate
Expense Transaction Tracking

The Real Estate business has significant amount of paper work for completing every purchase and sale transaction. This application has the ability to track and manage all entries of documents by creating alerts and providing a central view of document status. Application is capable of being restructured to meet the needs of any other domain where similar tracking of documents are required against a transaction docket.

Manager Agent Performance Dash Board

The application has been developed for a client managing a group of Real Estate Agents operating across multiple locations and managed by their respective Managers. The application provides real time updated information about the activities being performed by the agents.

Real Estate Back Office Ledger

The application has been visualized to provide transaction tracking back office support for a typical Real Estate company having a group of Real Estate Agents sharing the business with the group company.

Agent Website with Listings FreeUsFsbo

The application was to develop a custom built website for a Real Estate agent proposing to combine regular Listings update from MLS as well as from the owners. Application is to provide a simple search, advanced search options and present the search results on the map.

Multi Agent Networked Portal

The application was to build to provide a platform for subscribing buyers, sellers and Real Estate agents to exchange the information about the properties. The application provides features of simple to advanced search for properties and connects the prospective buyers to the concerned agents.

Real Estate Exchange for All Stake Holders

The application is being developed to be a central portal for all stake holders` institutions and individuals in the business of Real Estate. The site will facilitate cross border RE investments while supporting the Companies global and personal brokerage network.

Title Settlement and Escrow Buyer

The application has been developed for a large nationwide client. The company is involved in the business of Title, Settlement and Escrow services for its client. The services are sold through companies sales network and require tracking management and control. This application works on top of the transaction data base. A real time dash board is provided to the supervisors at different hierarchical levels in the organization, presenting them the data belonging to the domain they manage.

Listings for Sales by Owners

The application has been built to provide a website where owners of property could list their own listings and prospective buyers are able to search these listings the way they search other listings.

Web Portal for a Real Estate Agent

The application has been built for a Real Estate Agent, where the agent renders the researched information about the Real Estate business to buyers and sellers along with the listing information subscribed from MLS. The application required integration with the MLS website in a manner where searches take place on the MLS site but results are rendered on the client's website.

Real Estate Property Search Engine

The project focused on building a unified portal where a visitor can search for a property, listed on any of the other real estate portal, initially in the US and then finally globally. The application maintains live data feed from increasing number of Real Estate property information provider. The application is also envisaged to build a social network of various stake holders involved in the business of Real Estate.

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