For clients who are loyal adherents of the wonderful PhoneGap framework, STPL has good news! PhoneGap uses HTML5, Java scripts, and CSS3 to develop the code for the applications, which can reach a broader audience base, as they can operate across platforms. We integrate this framework into our process to help using building applications and generating mobile technology solutions for our clients.

The advantages of the services we offer in this regard include, but are not limited to –
  • Projects handled by professionals who are experienced in working with HTML5, Java scripts, and CSS3.
  • Development and design of solutions by experts who possess a thorough understanding of customized mobile application development.
  • Reasonable pricing for the packages, reduced by the amount saved on account of not having to develop a different version of the application for each mobile framework.
  • Quality assurance services that include testing the applications developed using PhoneGap on actual devices.