Software Development Services

With the evolution of internet technology and cloud computing, software has taken its place as one of the key resources for the information system of an organization. The kind of software a business employs can make or break the enterprise. Such is the importance of the software and related applications.

What adds to the existing complications is that software is extremely case-specific. That is, software that works extremely well for one business may prove to be a misfit for another. This is because the needs of every business are different. Therefore, it becomes even more necessary to impart additional care and concern while developing or choosing software resources.

In order to overcome this obstacle, STPL offers customized software development services. In this scheme, the software and applications are tailored to meet every need of the business of our clients.

Some of the services we offer in this field include –
  • Detailed analysis and understanding of the business of the clients, and related study of their business requirements.
  • Feasibility study to determine what kind of software will be compatible with client requirements.
  • Software designing, architecture, coding, development and testing.
  • Maintenance and support of developed and deployed software, in order to ensure smooth functioning.